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Special Day: Dress-Up Meal!

July 31, 2020

Outside MacDonald Lodge with overlaying text reading "Special Day, Dress-up Meal".

What is #KintailDressUpMeal

~Medieval Theme~

One of the most creative and fun things campers get to enjoy at Kintail are zany dressup meals! Get in the spirit and host your own Medieval Feast night complete with music, costumes, and food from the era! Everyone is invited to participate and we are SO excited to see photos of you and your family on Facebook and Instagram! Everyone who uses the #KintailAtHome hashtag and #KintailDressUpMeal will get to see other families’ Medieval regalia and show off their culinary creations! Join the Kintail family on Friday for some good ol’ fashioned fun and spend some time this week prepping your outfit! We can’t wait to see you!

Medieval Etiquette

    • We challenge thee to eat your whole meal without a fork! You can use a knife and spoon, but forks really weren’t a thing in Medieval times. 
    • WASH YOUR HANDS! The rudest thing you could do at a feast was to not wash your hands. Make sure to wash them thoroughly before and after eating!
    • Between courses, there was often entertainment provided for the guests, such as a short acting performance, music, the court jester, jugglers, etc. If you have a talent to share, why not bring it to your household’s feast?

Grace: the Doxology


Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow: An Analysis

For this traditional meal, why not use Camp Kintail’s oldest grace? Can’t remember it? Here’s a link to a video you can practice to! Click here. 

Praise God from whom all blessings flow

Praise Him, all creatures here below

Praise Him above, ye heavenly host

Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost


Medieval Menu Suggestions

Lords, ladies, dragons, knights, and jesters alike can enjoy any meal in fun costumes! Craving macaroni and cheese? Sausage and pirogies? Enjoy whatever meal you feel like! If you’re feeling extra creative, you can also try for more authentic medieval fare with tips and suggestions in the menu below! Whatever you cook, we hope it’s delicious and can’t wait to see photos of your creations!

First Look: The Queen Reigns at Medieval Times | Tasty Chomps: A ...

Check out this delicious looking meal served at Medieval Times! A favourite destination for many of our full-time staff!

Candied Almonds: Serve in small bowls before the meal. Almonds were a big deal at the time. Fun fact for our vegan/dairy-free friends, almond milk was also frequently a substitute for dairy milk and considered more rich and luxurious- so treat yo’self to some almond milk tonight.  Bread: Homemade bread has not only been a major COVID trend, it was also a staple of the Medieval Period! If you’re not up for a baking adventure, store-bought bread works fine too.
Devilled Eggs: Okay, so there weren’t exactly devilled eggs as we know them at the time- they were called “stuffed eggs” and the ingredients included cheese, herbs, and- get this- raisins and powdered sugar. It’s safe to say devilled eggs are a fair substitute for the “real thing” in this case. Soup/Stew: Soups and stews of many different kinds showed up on the feast menu. Perhaps the most common type of soup was “pottage,” a thick soup or stew made from boiling veggies, grains, and if available, meat or fish. Here is a recipe you might like to try! Pea soup is a good alternative.
Meat (if you’re a meat-eater): Meat and fish were a big part of Medieval feasting, sometimes several different kinds. They were often cured or smoked and then roasted- turkey leg, anyone? Whole rotisserie chicken? Veggies: Eat your greens! The veg most available included peas, carrots, brussels sprouts, cabbage, root vegetables, mushrooms, and field greens.


A freshly baked apple pie arial view on a checkered tablecloth.

A delicious dessert pie! Baked by Flame!

Pies: Sweet or savoury, pie is a great option for your feast. A pot pie, a meat pie or small hand pies are great dinner options, and you can’t go wrong with a fruit pie or tart for dessert! Just ask Ari, our resident pie expert. Gingerbread: Although the recipe was quite different from our modern version, gingerbread cake and gingerbread people were widely featured at feasts.  Also try:  Poached pears, custard (maybe frozen custard?!), rice pudding


Medieval Games & Entertainment

Can’t wait to see your costumes for #KintailDressUp


July 31, 2020
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