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Special Day: Cook-Out!

July 3

| Free

What is #KintailCookOut

For this Special Day, it’s a #KintailCookOut extravaganza! Keep it classic and simple or get creative with your cooking and be sure to share photos of the creation process as well as the final products! We are so excited to be able to see photos of everyone having fun together and enjoy dinner as one camp community, no matter how many kilometers apart we are. There’s no right or wrong way to have a cook-out, just enjoy some time outside and enjoy being a part of the Kintail community! Share your photos with #KintailAtHome and #KintailCookOut. See you Friday!

 Grace: Johnny Appleseed


Johnny Appleseed GraceVerse 1: The Lord is good to me, and so I thank the Lord, for giving me the things I need, the sun and the rain and the apple seed. The Lord is good to me.

Verse 2: For every seed I sow, an apple tree will grow, and soon there’ll be an apple tree for everyone in the world to see. The Lord is good to me. Johnny Apple Seed *Clap* Amen.

Campfire Recipes!

Enjoy a Kintail style cook-out with hotdogs, buns, chips, and sliced veggies with ranch! Enjoy some time outside cooking over an open-fire if you can. No campfire pit? Enjoy the same meal cooked over a BBQ or stove-top. Did you know you can even BBQ s’mores? No matter what you have on-hand you can get in the spirit of cook-out and share your fun and creations with #KintailCookOut and #KintailAtHome. Stick with the classic menu above or get creative with some of the internet’s finest gourmet campfire cooking options- we’ve linked a few of the ones that look especially delicious!

Campfire Nachos in a Dutch Oven over a campfire.

Campfire Nachos from “Fresh Off the Grid

Campfire Popcorn Creative S’Mores Recipes
Cinnamon Apples.           Banana Boats!