Escarpment, ODA & The MEGAFORT


Hey everyone! This week was the last Outdoor Adventure camp of the summer, and we had 28 awesome, high energy junior campers ready to explore the great outdoors. All summer long, ODA groups have been building forts and shelters at the top of the glen behind the whale watch. Trying to build the best fort has been a fun outdoor challenge for all of the ODA campers this summer, and there were some very unique and well built forts made. But these small, 4-5 person forts weren’t nearly enough for the final week of ODA. And so, with both ODA groups combined for greater power and awesomeness, over the course of several sessions and using every branch from every previous fort (there were over a dozen left from previous weeks), myself, Lobster, and K9 Junior ODA built the Megafort. Towering gloriously above the glen, using three separate trees as support, complete with three handcrafted entrances, furniture, and a dead-fall insulated roof, the Megafort is the ultimate fort building creation. It began as a shared dream. A vision, of a bigger, better fort. Today, that dream is reality! The Megafort will stand until the end of time! All will bask in the glory of the Megafort!

…sorry about that; I get a little worked up sometimes. Seriously though, making this fort was a ton of fun and a real accomplishment, and the campers have been asking every day to go back and play in it. Its the flexibility and wonderful outdoor spirit of ODA that allows awesome projects like this to happen, which is why it is such a special camp. Its magical experiences like this that make Camp Kintail truly memorable for campers, and I know this has been a week I that I will never forget.