Dedications & Celebrations

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On Saturday we dedicated a renovation, several trees, and Caitlyn’s gazebo.
The remaining L-shaped (or double) cabin on Cabin Hill is called Tundra and Bonsai. In the last two years it has received a new roof, windows, doors, siding, and a porch fix-up. The funds for this renovation have been supplied by Mr. and Mrs. Jim & Helen Brisbin. Mrs. Brisbin is the daughter of the Rev. Charles MacDonald and a long time supporter of Kintail Thank you! Now these cabins have a second lease on life and are used by our Volunteers of Kintail.

The first tree dedicated was to the Rev. John Zondag who has completed twenty years of ministry at Knox Presbyterian Church in Listowel. John is also a long time Kintail Board member.

Knollwood Park Presbyterian Church in London is celebrating one hundred years of ministry in 2009. A tree was dedicated in the garden and 100 more trees will follow it in the new year. Congratulations Knollwood Park!

Tree has gotten a tree in the tree garden! After five years as a counsellor, Dan “Tree” Donohue, has earned a tree in the garden for his years of dedication and creativity as a Kintail staff member. Hopefully the tree grows and gets taller than Tree in a couple of years! Congratulations Tree!

Two trees were dedicated for members of the MacDonald family. One was dedicated in memory to the Rev. Dr. R. Douglas MacDonald and the other was in celebration of Mrs. Laura MacDonald. Their children bought to trees to celebrate their parents. Kintail was a great place to do this, as Rev. and Mrs. MacDonald met at camp!

We also dedicated Caitlyn’s gazebo on Saturday. This beautiful gazebo is already much loved by campers and staff, and we were thrilled to have Caitlyn’s family with us on this special day. It is now the first thing you see when you drive in the camp, and it is a welcoming place for everyone.