December Memories

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We recently received a number of old Camp Kintail newsletters called the Onion Skin from “The Kintail Presbyterian Summer School.”  They are from the very first years that Kintail offered summer programs.  Here is an excerpt from the Farewell Editorial on July 21, 1933, written during the fifth summer of Presbyterian School.

Last things always bring a pang of regret, and farewells are awlays hard – particularly so in our case, after a week of such splendid fellowship as we have enjoyed.

Many of us have revived our power of laughter.  Long, unused wells of gladness have been opened in our lives.  We have thrown dignity to the winds, and most of us have truly lived this week.

Oft-times in the days to come, when the road grows irksome and the burden chafes, we will sit down in some quiet place, and remember.  Oh, the blessing of memory!  One has said that God gave us memory that we might have roses in December.  And we, the happy family of Kintail, have the power of remembrance that we might have camp in the winter time.  It is a pleasant thought that the camp is not over when we say farewell.

Our memories will be of beauty – the moon nestle among the silver-rimmed clouds, throwing a golden pathway of light across the still waters of the lake, and the singing of the birds in the morning.

But I think the dearest memories of all will be of persons.

There are those whose personality has left a lasting impression upon us, making us feel that life is indeed worth while, and that the life that is Christian is truly the life more abundant.

Rev. Mr. W.A. Young

When I read these words, I was struck that although they were written almost eighty years ago, the sentiment was the same as a camper or staff would write today.  Camp Kintail remains a place where we glimpse God’s beauty, laugh until we can’t breath, find the life abundant, and love in Christian fellowship.  Take some time at the end of this December to remember your summers at Kintail and for a moment, breath in the smell of cedars, listen for the waves, and recall God’s goodness.  Have a blessed New Year!