Dear 10 Year Old Me

By November 29, 2016Uncategorized

Dear 10 Year Old Me,

When your parents tell you you’re moving, don’t be so scared. Don’t worry so much about losing your friends. Don’t stress about anything. It will all be okay. It may take a while for you to meet friends, for you to get used to your new house and school. But it will all end up alright. Even when you just get bullied for the first 4 years of your new life, it will be alright. Throughout all of your struggles and sadness, Camp Kintail will be your ROCK. It will be your place. The place you can express yourself without feeling judged. The place you meet your best friends. The place you learn how to do harmonies. The place you are loved no matter what. The place you feel safe. The place you call home. THE MOST IMPORTANT PLACE OF YOUR LIFE.


So, like I said: Don’t be scared. Life gets good.



20 Year Old Ciel