Day 18 – Driveway Games

Staff members named Titan and Ari are blowing bubbles at Camp Kintail.

Sidewalk Chalk

Create games to play on the driveway and get creative so you can add colour and drawings! Hopscotch is a great way to pass the time and you can plan inside using pieces of paper instead of chalk- be sure to tape down though as it can be slippery! Create a target and throw stones aiming for the best points! Try it inside using a pillow and tossing your stuffed animals into the “Safe Zone.” Lastly, if you have siblings of parents you can use sidewalk chalk to make your own four-square court!



There are few things as satisfying as blowing and popping bubbles! See if you have some soap and wands around from last summer, or make your own using a recipe that uses dish soap, or check out these fun novelty options for scented and super bubbles! Can you make enough bubbles they get as high as the roof? Can you make a giant bubble? Can you blow a bubble and catch it on your soapy hands? Get outside and start to play!

A staff member named Turkey is dipping a hula hoop into a small blow up pool with bubbles.

The Floor is Lava

Use chalk to draw safe spaces- maybe you pretend you’re frogs jumping on lily pads, maybe you’re a sailor hopping from boat to boat to avoid the shark infested waters. Get creative and make a game where you have to get from somewhere with imminent danger to somewhere safe- and make it tricky! If you draw too many and it’s too easy, decide some that everyone has to skip! Play inside using furniture and cushions!

Older kids? Make it a team-builder!

Play the floor is lava but have participants transport an object from one place to another without throwing it or rearranging any furniture! Feel like taking a risk? Give your older campers an egg and see if they can get all the way across from the living room to the kitchen without hitting the floor or dropping! Good luck!