Day 17 – Creative Drawing 101

By March 20, 2020Uncategorized
A coloured picture from the drawing activity with a banana/Christmas tree like caricature on the left and an elf/mermaid like caricature on the right.


This is a great activity for any number of people- folding your page into 3’s or 4’s will allow you to have equal involvement for each! Here’s what you do:

  1. Fold your page into segments, with the paper running vertically.
  2. Draw a head and a neck, have two lines from your neck go past the first crease just enough that when you fold the head backwards all you can see is a white page and two connecting lines.
  3. Pass your paper to the next person.
  4. Now you create a torso and arms! Be sure to connect your drawing to the lines from the previous person. You can ask for clarification! Once your body is complete fold it over again and pass it on!
  5. Draw legs and feet- and a ground to walk on if you feel adventurous!
  6. Reveal one at a time! You can take a moment to add details and colour. You can also create a story and background for your zany characters!


  • Set a timer for 2 minutes between segments so people know when to switch.
  • Use the same colour marker for the outlines so it all looks like one drawing!
  • For an added challenge mix up the drawings before the reveal and try to guess who did what- or make up a story on the spot and see who can create the most interesting, imaginative, or funny tale!

Beebalm, Eldur, and Hydra’s