Dance Camp at Kintail by Wren

Dance Camp

This past summer I had the privilege of being the dance director at a Camp Kintail. Along with getting to run fun dance sesssions, and helping with Express and Explorers camp, I was in charge of running dance camp. It was a lot of responsibility and I was really nervous, but it ended up being so much fun! Dancing is my favourite thing to do in the world, and I loved sharing that with so many campers. I was able to teach my campers how to waltz and salsa, some ballet, even some cheerleading, and much more. We also learned a group dance where the campers could show off what they learned for their parents. This week by far was my favourite week of the whole summer, and I made so many wonderful memories I will never forget.

Franceska “Wren” Kocis


Dance camp is just one of the many options we provide for campers this summer. If you would like to know more about the rates and dates of Dance Camp at Camp Kintail this summer, visit our Dance Camp webpage. This session is available for campers aged 9-12.

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