Creativity at Camp by Piglet

By September 25, 2017Uncategorized

Have you ever started unpacking your child’s bag and found a bundle of crumpled up crafting material? Believe it or not, it used to be quite the masterpiece, but not all survive the journey home. Perhaps it was a bracelet, an origami bunny, a painting, or a God’s eye. Nonetheless, it holds a memory of when your child was at Camp Kintail.

Over the summer I had the tremendous privilege of working as the Arts and Crafts Director. This job is both fun and messy. If I take out pipe cleaners, string, glitter, and glue, there is no telling what type of creation your camper may make! This is because inspiration for art comes from each other and the world around us.

I specifically enjoyed being Arts and Crafts Director because it allowed me to help and inspire others who signed up for my sessions. Sometimes a camper would approach my session utterly convinced that they would be unable to make anything, despite having a craft example and instructions given to them. This is when I like to start them with the common camp craft, a God’s eye. This craft consists of two sticks and some string, and follows a simple weaving pattern, allowing most campers to grasp. The God’s eye also has endless possibilities, whether it is changing colours, adding more sticks, or changing it into something new like a dream catcher or turtle. The result is astonishing, leaving campers with a smile on their face and inspiration to try and make another craft.

I also loved this position because it was a great time to connect with campers. While a camper sits at a table creating a masterpiece I get to assist, as well as get to know the camper. These moments are great stories, whether it is a goal they have for the summer, or a funny childhood memory they wanted to share. Arts and Crafts allows for time of creativity, as well as sharing, making every moment memorable.

Though the cleanup can take time, seeing the campers walk away with a masterpiece and a smile on their face makes it all worthwhile.

– Piglet