August 12, 2020

Dear friends,

For the past three weeks, Camp Kintail has been welcoming families for “A Weekend Away.”  It has been wonderful to see children running and laughing and families getting a break from their homes for a few days.  We are looking forward to another three weekends.  On Labour Day Sunday, we will be offering a Sunday Night Dinner, and a Beach Day on the Monday.

The [email protected] program continues for the next two weeks.  We are looking forward to Senior High Connect, Alumni FLASH, Mail Call, Primetime, Polar Dip, and a virtual Campfire.  There are lots of Cha-podcasts and Storytime Sundays in our archives, feel free to check them out!  

We have made the decision to cancel the Senior High Retreat in October.  It did not seem practical, fun, or safe to run a physically distant retreat with high school students so close to the beginning of the school year.  At the moment, we are still planning to run the Crafters Retreat for a smaller physically distant group.  The Family Advent Retreat in December is still a possibility, as households would attend together, and participate in activities as a unit that is distant from the other families.  We will be watching the numbers and recommendations from the government before making final decisions.

We are able to host small groups on site, so if you are looking for a venue with lots of space for physically distancing and great food, please let us know.  

The loss of income through the spring and summer has been catastrophic for the camp industry and Camp Kintail.  The Globe and Mail recently published an article called, “Faced with permanent closing, Canada’s camp appeal to governments for COVID-19 aid package.”  We have written to our local MP and MPP about the difficult situation for summer camps, and if you feel moved, we would love it if you would write to your MP and MPP about the value of camp and the need to help out this hurt industry.  

We are grateful for the many who have donated to the camp over the past few months.  These donations have allowed the Camp to cover our fixed costs and offer on-line programming and in-person hospitality this season.  If you or your family is in a financial position to consider a donation, it will make a big difference. 

Camp Kintail celebrated 90 years of ministry last summer and with the support of government, church, and donors, we hope to celebrate many more years of camping!  


Rev. Theresa “Trillium” McDonald-Lee & Johnathon “Mercury” Lee

Executive Directors.  





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