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Kin-Tales 2021

Be sure to subscribe to Kin-Tales and never miss out on updates from Theresa and Johnathon, and stay in the loop on all the newest happenings at Kintail! If you do miss one, you can click on the month in the grid below to check it out at any time!

Kin-Tales 2020

Look back on letters from Theresa and Johnathon and take a look at photos, events, and updates from the year 2020! Click an image to read that months newsletter and be sure to subscribe to get this monthly correspondence straight to your inbox!

Kin-Tales 2019

Big things happened in 2019! From getting the site ready to host groups in the Nest over the winter, countless retreats, hundreds of campers, and guests from all over Canada- this is a fun year to remember and look back on!

Kin-Tales 2018

Title Text: Kin-Tales November 2018. Image: A Christmas graphic. December 2018









Title text: Kin-Tales November 2018. Image: Arial view of MacDonald Lodge.

November 2018








Title text: Kin-Tales September 2018. Image: Staff and campers huddling in a circle. September 2018








Title text: Kin-Tales June 2018. Image: Front exterior of The Nest.June 2018







Title text: Kin-Tales May 2018. Image: Staff sitting on tiered Chapel seating.May 2018







Title text: Kin-Tales April 2018. Image: Two people skipping lake rocks. April 2018