Beta: The Adventure Tower at Camp Kintail

By February 15, 2016Uncategorized
Adventure Tower.

During the spring and summer of 2015 Camp Kintail was fortunate to have the installment of our brand new Adventure Tower! The Adventure Tower is the third addition to our rockwall and high ropes course that adds a new and unique way of climbing. The Adventure Tower is a teamwork element where two climbers start from the ground and make their way up the tower through a series of elements to reach the very top! Believe me when I say, it’s easier said than done! The unique part of this element is that climbers are allowed to physically use each other as they are climbing. They are allowed to lend out a hand, grab onto one another’s harness and even climb on each other! Whatever it takes to make it to the top! The Adventure Tower brings the same team building skills as our low ropes elements to the high ropes which adds more to the climb than just having fun. There are four sides to our Adventure Tower, each having different levels of difficulty which is really awesome if you are looking for a challenge. I recommend this element to everyone and hope to see you guys climbing next summer at Camp Kintail!

– Matt “Beta” Romanson

If you are interested in taking on the Adventure Tower, register for summer camp or inquire about bringing your group to Camp Kintail.