Church Services 2010

By June 24, 2010Off-season

Starting in February, the Camp Kintail staff are on the road leading worship services throughout the Synod.  Each year the staff take part in about 30 services.  This past weekend we were at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Windsor and recieved a very warm welcome.  This is Radish’s home church.

We are always inspired by the stories of alumni, some of whom remember their camping days from sixty years ago or longer!  In every church, I ask who has been to Kintail before – either as a camper, staff, volunteer, board member, or parent.  Often, well over half the congregation has their hand up.  We are grateful for the support of the Synod and all the churches who promote camping ministry and help campers get to Kintail.

If you would like Theresa and the staff (and the puppets) to come to your church, just call the camp office!