Chickens & Bunnies at Camp by Narwhal

By September 26, 2014Uncategorized


Hi everyone! This summer I was blessed with the privilege to be the Nature Director, and one of the responsibilities of being the Nature Director is to look after the bunnies and chickens.

To look after the animals at camp is by far awesome but is also an important job because they are living creatures that require a lot of attention. Every morning after breakfast I go out to the bunnies and fill their feed dishes, and change out their dirty water. I also go out and check on the chickens, I fill their feeder and always make sure that they have fresh water as well. For the chickens it is key that they always have fresh water or else they won’t drink it. Sometimes the cabins get to feed the bunnies and chickens at duties and then I just check it over and make sure that everything is closed up properly or else the animals can escape.

As someone who cares for the animals all summer I find that I tend to forget how cool the bunnies and chickens really are. So it’s really rewarding when I get to see camper’s reactions to the animals. That is why when a cabin comes to a Nature session I always try to take them to see the chickens and the bunnies. Because it’s not every day that kids get to see chickens or bunnies and get to pet them as well.