Chickadee’s Top 11 Favourite Songs from the Kintail Songbook

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Chickadee’s Top 10…11 Favourite Songs from the Kintail Songbook

Every Sunday afternoon before campers arrive the staff always meet to discuss the week ahead. This is one of my favourite things at camp because it is one of the few chances the staff get to all sing together. If anyone knows me, they’ll know that I adore these parts of the meeting. I love the feeling of community it builds with the staff, I love the voices of the people beside me, and I love our songbook. So, without further ado, here is a list of my top 11 favourite songs in the Kintail Songbook (I choose a list of 11 because I couldn’t bear cutting one of these songs from my list).

11. Spirit, Spirit of Gentleness (pg. 82)
10. Be Thou My Vision (pg. 6)
9. By the Rivers of Babylon (pg. 11)
8. As the Deer (pg. 5)
7. I Love You Lord (pg. 39)
6. How Great Thou Art (pg. 35)
5. Siyahamba (pg. 81)
4. For Those Tears I died  (pg. 23)
3. Jesus Got Heaps O’Lamb (pg. 48)
2. Come with me for the Journey is Long (pg. 15)

1. Nzamuranza (pg. 66)

I hope you have had the pleasure of singing some of these great songs! What are some of your favourites?


– Chickadee