Spring Chapodcast Archive

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Thank you to Roots, Ben, and Daniel for getting everything started with Chapodcast! This has been a great way to stay connected and exprience Kintail at home while we all work together through the global health challenges we are being faced with. Enjoy this archive with links to every episode and a summary of which family hosted and what stories they covered! You can also follow Camp Kintail on Facebook where a link is shared every morning, or go straight to the source and follow Nassagaweya Presbyterian Church! Thanks for coming to chapel!

March 16-March 20

St. Louis Family

St. Louis Family

St. Louis Family

St. Louis Family

St. Louis Family

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Walkin’ in the Light of God

Rock, Sword, Sheild


Psalm 139: 8-10

You Are Not Alone

Grab another hand

Allelu Allelu/ Praise Ye the Lord

God our Protector

Matthew 8: 23-27

A Storm

Jesus in the Boat

Peace like a river

Matthew 5:13-16

Salt and Light

Oil in my Lamp

Luke 10: 35-27

The Good Samaritan


March 23 – March 27

St. Louis Family

Crawford Family

Kintail Staff

McAllister Family

Thibodeau Family

David and Goliath –  1 Samuel 17

Making melodies in my heart

My God is so Big!

Psalm 139

Come all ye people

Ordinary Day


Good Shepherd

Fruit of the Spirit

Rock, Sword, Shield

Jesus heals lepers


Jesus is a rock

Take Care

Paul’s message to the Corinth

Blind Man

Coconut song


March 30- April 3

St. Louis Family

Labrador & Friends

Kintail Staff

Foy Family

Crash & Zucchini

Noahs Ark

Who’s Side are you Leanin’ On?

the Animal Song

Rise and Shine

Banquet Table – Luke 14

Heart of Worship

God Our Protector

the Beatitudes – Matthew 5

The Blessing Song

Clapping our Hands

Share God’s Love – Mark 9

Share the Well

God Welcomes All

Who’s Side are you Leaning On



Palm Sunday


April 6 – April 10

St. Louis Family

Farris Family

Kintail Staff

O’Brien Family

Good Friday

Lazarus – John 11

River of Life

I am the Resurrection and the Life


Parable of the Vine – John 15

Peace Like a River

Stay Connected to the Vine



Mary Anoints Jesus – John 12

Rockin’ Jesus Loves Me

Deep and Wide

The Last Supper – Matthew 26

Rockin’ Jesus Loves Me

Peace Like a River

No Chapodcast Today


April 13 – April 17

St. Louis Family

McIntosh Family

Kintail Staff

Thibodeau Family

Crash and Zucchini

The Empty Tomb – Luke 24

Oh be Joyful

Happy all the Time

Rebekah and Isaac – Genesis 24

Peace like a River

Rock, Sword, Sheild

Manna, Quail, and Water – Exodus 16

Pharoh Pharoh

River of Life

The Fiery Furnace – Daniel 3

Jesus Prince of Peace

My God is so Big!



Thomas wants to see – John 20

Happy Day

The Coconut Song


April 20 – April 24

St. Louis Family

Foy Family

Kintail Staff

McAllister Family

Reid Family

Jesus Walks on Water- Matthew 14

Walkin in the Light

My Lighthouse

God Our Protector

The Word Became Flesh – John 1



House on the Rock – Matthew 7

Allelu Allelu

My God is so BIG

John 6:25 Jesus the Bread of Life

A little bit of yeast

Gods love is for everyone

Luke 19 – Zaccheus

Zaccheus Song




April27 – May 1

St. Louis Family

Crawford Family

Kintail Staff

St. Louis Family

St. Louis Family

Silly Chapel Sing-Along! The Road the Emmaus – Luke 24

I’m Gonna be (500 miles)
Walk in love

Creation – Genesis

Leanin’ on the Lord Side

All Gods Critters

Lord I Lift Your Name on High


Throwback! Enjoy the

first every Chapodcast!



Story: Daniel and the Lions Den

Oh what a miracle

Rockin Kumbayah

King Jesus is All

May 4 – May 8

St. Louis Family


McDonald-Lee Family

St. Louis Family

Paton-Wright Family

Story of Elijah

Making Melodies

Still Small Voice

Be still and know that I am God

John 21: 1-25

This is Holy Ground

God Loves Me So



Story: God is Like a Rock

Rock, Sword, Sheild

Sanitize a hand

Who’s side are you leaning on?

Revisit the second ever Chapodcast!




Story: Fishes and Loaves

Clapping our Hands

1-2-3 Jesus Loves Me



May 11 – May 15



St. Louis Family

Kirk St. James PC

Kintail Staff

Flame & Chickadee

No Chapodcast

Story: Parable of the Mustard Seed


Oh What a Miracle

“Silly Saturday”

Gang of Rhythm Energizer

Story: Jonah & The Big Fish

Walkin’ In the Light of God

Who Did Swallow Jonah

Story: Free From Slavery (Moses)

Rockin’ Jesus Loves Me

Pharaoh, Pharaoh

Hallelujah, Halalala

No Chapodcast today

May 18 – May 22



L’Arche London 

Kintail Staff

MacQuarrie Family

Foy Family







Paul and Silas in Prison

“Amazing Grace”

“Swing Low, Sweet Chariot”

“I the Lord of Sea and Sky”


Don’t Worry

“My God is so BIG”


“Open the Eyes of my Heart”


Psalm 8 – Planets

“Sing Hosanna”

“Spirit in my fingers”


God made me special!

“Gang of Rhythm”

“I only wanna be a sheep”



May 25 – May 29



St. Louis Family

Kintail Staff

Flame and Chickadee

Eziekel: the Valley of Dry Bones

“Rock, Sword, Shield”

“Dry bones”

“Spirit song”





the Psalms

“Allelu Allelu”

“Bless the Lord oh my Soul”

“How Great Thou Art”

Many members, one body

“I am a promise”

“Hi I’m your friend”


June 1 – June 5



St. Louis Family

Kintail Staff

Algae and Flame!

Crash and Zucchini

Genesis 1: 26-27 Humankind in His Image

“Hold on and never let go”

“Rockin’ Jesus loves me”





the Lords Prayer

“Peace like a river”

“Down to the River”

“Here I am to Worship”

Daniel (ABBA style)



“Oh what a miracle”

“Lord listen to Your children praying.”


June 8 – June 12



St. Louis Family

Kintail Staff

Roots Music!

You are Special

“Deep and Wide”

“Oh what a miracle”

“His Banner Over Me”




“Love is a Flag”

“I could sing of your love”

“Walk in Love”

“We are coming Lord to the Table”


June 15-19



St. Louis Family

Kintail Staff

McAllister Family


“Sing Hosanna”

“They’ll Know We Are Christians”

“Father I Adore You”

Keeping things in Perspective

“Jesus is the Rock”

“I Believe in Jesus”

“Not be Shaken”

Messages from the Sky

“Sometimes I rise but I don’t shine”

“Twinkle Twinkle”



June 22-26



St. Louis Family

Kintail Staff


Indigenous Day

“Walkin in the Light of God”

“We can sing in Harmony”


Really big things!

“The Coconut Song”

“How Great is Our God”