Challenge Course Manager by Echo

By April 7, 2014Uncategorized


Hi everyone!   If you are anything like me you are really ready for spring.  Don’t get me wrong, I really like winter, but I am kind of done with toques, gloves and snow for a while.

I just thought I would tell everyone what I was up to at the beginning of the month.  From March 3-6th I was taking the Challenge Course and Climbing Program Manager Certification through Adventureworks! in Ancaster.  It was a great course.  We didn’t really do any climbing around on ropes but focused instead on the issues surrounding the management of a challenge course.  There were eight of us in the course from a range of different types of organizations.  There were some other camps there along with open to the public, drop-in, style organizations and some staff from a college that has their own challenge course.  It was a nice mix of people and we all shared a lot of information and ideas. It is interesting to see how organizations with different histories, age of staff, size of operations and experience with adventure all share similar goals for their program and participant experience. It was great to interact with other people in the same field.  I always enjoy meeting people who do similar work as we do, for the same reasons.

The course went really well.  We had three days of learning all about risk management, staff training and supervision, regulations & standards, current research in the industry, emergency preparedness, and program assessment.  It sounds like a lot of content to cover, and it was the days were long but they went quickly.  The exams on the last day went well and I am pleased to say that I am now a fully certified Challenge Course Manager.