Challenge by Choice – Adler

By June 1, 2016Uncategorized
Senior High Fall 2015 high ropes

One of the staple features of Camp Kintail is its adventure elements. With over 13 elements to choose from, there’s something for everyone to enjoy! However, for some of us, the high ropes can be a real challenge. It takes a certain level of trust in the facilitator who is belaying you , your spotters, the equipment, and faith in yourself to climb up and experience what the course has to offer. I, for one, really used to struggle with the high ropes. It used to make me incredibly nervous to even think about going up that high. However, I was reminded by a member of our wonderful staff that anything we do here at camp is “challenge by choice.”

What is that, you ask? Well, let me explain!

Here at Kintail, we understand that each person is unique, and that everyone has a different level of comfort when trying something new. One camper’s idea of a challenge might be drastically different from another’s. And we respect that. Due to this fact, we will never force a camper to complete an element. Success on any of the adventure elements is setting a personal goal, and doing your best to achieve it. No goal is too small. All that matters is that you have fun and try something new!

I encourage everyone at camp to try the adventure elements, and to push yourself beyond the boundaries you’ve imposed on yourself… at your choice, of course.

See you this Summer!

Travis “Adler” Kantor