Canadian Camping Connection

By October 4, 2010Uncategorized

From September 26 – 29, Camp Kintail was thrilled to host the Canadian Camping Connection.  The Presbyterian camps from across the country gathered and we had a wonderful four days of sharing, learning, laughing, and planning.  Camp Geddie, Camp Keir, Camp d’Action Biblique, Gracefield Christian Camp and Retreat Centre, Cairn, Camp Kintail, Camp Christopher, Camp Kannawin, Dutch Harbour Camp, and Crieff Conference and Retreat Centre were all represented. 

We were fortunate to have Gary Batty from the Mo-Ranch Assembly and a consultant with the PCCCA speak to us on board governance.  The Rev. Herb Gale, Associate Secretary of Planned Giving and the current Moderator of The Presbyterian Church in Canada, spoke to us on planned giving.  Travis Allison, former Director of Glen Mhor and Cairn, gave a presentation on the importance of social media.  Tori Smith, Associate Secretary of The Vine, let us know of the resources available from within the church.  Dave Philips, national Leading with Care co-ordinator, addressed issues related to that policy.  Joel Winchip, Executive Director of the PCCCA, reminded us of the value of working together as Presbyterian Camps. 

The conference was made possible by The Vine and all of the camps were very grateful for this opportunity to learn and grow together.  Camping is a vital ministry of The Presbyterian Church in Canada and all of work hard to provide our campers and congregations with the best experience possible.  Together, the Presbyterian camps serve over 4000 campers and retreat participants over the summer.

Photos: Brenden “Dune” Sherratt