Canada Day by Gopher

By December 18, 2014Staff, Summer Camp Programming

Gopher - CD2


Canada Day hits Camp Kintail!

Hey all Canadians and foreign readers!  Sports Camp was a very special week here at camp Kintail, as it overlapped with one of our favorite days of the year.  As everyone knows, July 1st is the widely anticipated Canada day where we celebrate the birth of our glorious nation.  Here at Kintail, we celebrate it just the same as anyone else, with fun activities, great home cooked meals, and delicious desserts.  We had a very special dinner, where the whole camp dressed in their most Canadian looking outfits, (mainly just red and white!) and we ate a delicious typical Canadian meal of roast beef, mashed potatoes, corn and green beans!  Afterwards, we had the great opportunity to show our gratitude and patriotism towards our glorious nation as we belted out the national anthem.  I hope you enjoyed reading about our great Canada day here at camp Kintail, and I hope you all had one just as amazing as ours.

– Gopher

Gopher - CD