Chickadee’s Top 10 Post-Camp Withdrawal Moments


  1. Every story you tell is about something that you did at camp.
  2. Having to stop in the middle of your camp stories to explain to your non-camp friends that Oiseau is just a nature name and in fact not her real name.
  3. Refusing to do dishes at home in hopes that Arctic will show up with his band of VOKs.
  4. Wanting to sing “Suspender’s Grace” at the beginning of each meal and ending them with an “I Love Jesus Countdown”.
  5. Trying to teach your friends and family “Bazooka Bubble Gum”, receiving their confused looks, and then continuing to sing it because you love it so much.
  6. Sitting down at 5:30 for dinner and realizing you still need to cook your food because Peppermint does not live in your house and has not cooked you another delicious meal.
  7. Climbing to the third floor of a building at school and thinking you’re a pro because of all the times you climbed the beach stairs.
  8. Instinctively waking up right before your would-be chapel alarm and realizing there is no chapel to go to.
  9. Singing the Mail Call song and waiting for Post Man Sam to come out at the end of dinner, but then having to go get your own mail.
  10. Marking your calendar and keeping a countdown for when you get to return to camp.

So…since the only cure for camp withdrawal is going back to camp…

See you this summer!

  • Chickadee

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