Camp’s Long Term Impacts

There are not many places out there in which one can become immersed in such a supportive and creative community like they can be while at camp. For many children, staff, and parents, camp is very much like an oasis or a short break from the outside world, where they can hone new skills, and try a variety of activities that they may have never done before. Even during only a week-long stay, camp can have lasting impacts on a person’s life, which can include a deeper appreciation for their surroundings, an overall feeling or sense of community with others, and a piqued level of curiosity in any new situation they may find themselves. For me, camp has been extremely formative, and has allowed me have so many rich experiences that I would never have had otherwise. Being put into leadership roles throughout my summers at camp allowed me to gain more confidence in myself and helped me to pursue other life opportunities. Not only is camp a great place to grow and foster new connections with the people around you, it also is a place for one to develop as a person.