Camp-Wide FLASH by Zabrini

By November 1, 2014Uncategorized

This past summer at Kintail the theme of FLASH was “Jesus is the Real Thing”. FLASH stands for Faith Learning and Sharing and is our daily bible study that we do with both campers and staff. Every week this summer campers learned about the different roles that Jesus plays in our lives. Here are the scripture verses that we learned about!

Monday— Jesus is…God with Us
Scripture: Isaiah 9:6 and Luke 1-2

Tuesday— Jesus is… Friend
Scripture: John 15:9–17 and John 11:1–45

Wednesday— Jesus is… Teacher
Scripture: Matthew 7:15–20, 24–29

Thursday— Jesus is… Healer
Scripture: John 5:1–9a

Friday— Jesus is… Saviour
Scripture: Romans 5:1–11; Luke 24:36–49

For most days during the week campers do FLASH in their cabins with their counsellors. However, on Mondays Crash and I would get to run FLASH with the entire camp! We learned about the Christmas story, playing giant version of mad libs and piecing together the scripture. With Christmas songs, games and activities running FLASH with the entire camp was one of the highlights of the summer!

See you next summer!