Camp Opening – Part II

By April 25, 2010Uncategorized

Saturday, we were lucky enough to have beautiful weather and lots of wonderful volunteers to help us open the site for the summer season!  Thanks to everyone who came to lend a helping hand!!  We truly appreciate it!  Here are some pictures from the day:

One of the jobs we’ve done this spring is replace many of the old windows in the lodge.  Here’s a look at the new ones, from the outside and from the inside.  Many people worked to help clean-up from the renovations.

Recognise where this is??  Let me give you a hint:  Remember the old office?   Well, now you’re looking at the new and improved dining hall.  This Spring we have extended the dining hall by removing the interior wall between the old office and the main hall.  Many of our volunteers worked to clean up some of the debris from the renovations!  Thanks!

                                                                                                             Many of our other volunteers, including Dean “Wind” Morrison and Reuben “Roots” St. Louis (above), helped in the renovations of one of our cabins – Blue Haven.  This cabin is receiving insulation as well as new interior wood paneling.  Thanks to Gaston St. Louis for all of his time and expertise in the work on Blue Haven, as well as the future work in the Chapel!

For more pictures from Camp Opening, take a look at our Flickr photostream or our Facebook Page