A big thank you to everyone who was out to help at Camp Opening this past Saturday. We had about sixty people and a lot of work got done. New roofs and doors were put on Etesian and Eagle’s Wing cabin, and the strapping is all set to go on the Nature Nook. The Nature Nook, Tundra, and Bonsai are all cleaned out and ready for new bunk beds. Many of the cabins were given a thorough cleaning. The kitchen and dishroom were cleaned and are almost ready for the summer. About seventy trees were planted around the site. Special electrical work also got done. The office was also cleaned out.

Thanks to the help of so many dedicated volunteers, the camp is starting to look more ready for the summer! If anyone wants to come and help out with maintenance this spring, just give the camp office a call. We are always happy for volunteer help!

Some staff, alumni and campers at opening.

Part of the tree planting team.
New roofs at Kumbayah!