Camp Opening was a great day on Saturday! We had about fifty volunteers out to help get a start on opening up the camp for the season. Lots of work was accomplished – but there is always more to be done. If you are handy with a hammer, chainsaw, or broom, we would love to have your help at camp! Please call if you are able to volunteer some time for maintenance tasks. Kowari, Kamani, and Chickory with Lucy and Anna.

Flame with two campers in the dishroom working hard!
Grizzyly, Inferno, Guava, and Lua fixing up the composter (Captain Compost will be pleased!).

Volunteers working at cleaning up the lodge renovations.
Tom and Cougar working in the kitchen. Thanks to Tom, Cougar, and the crew from Oakridge Presbyterian Church for the great lunch for all our volunteers. It was delicious!

Check in again in for a post about MacDonald Lodge renovations later in the week.