Camp Kintail Wishlist

By April 27, 2016Uncategorized

Without the tireless generosity and kindness of the members of the Camp Kintail community, Camp really wouldn’t be where it is today. As Kintail’s program expands and reaches more people within Southwestern Ontario and beyond, we need to ensure that we have the resources to continue our mission effectively and efficiently.

That’s where you can help.

The annual wishlist is our way of asking our community for help getting some resources that would otherwise be too costly for Kintail to obtain by itself.

Therefore if you have any items on the following list that are sitting around gathering dust, or you are looking to re-purpose them, then we would be delighted and grateful if you considered donating them to us. There is no donation to small or too large.

If you would like to make a donation of one or more of the items on this list contact the office at (519) 529-7317 or email [email protected]

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