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By February 27, 2011Staff

Over the past month, Camp Kintail has assembled an amazing team of staff.  They come from all over Southwestern Ontario and beyond.  They demonstrate a love of children, a committment to the Christian faith, a delight in the outdoor world, and a keen sense of responsibility.  The staff are ready to welcome the campers to Kintail this summer and share with them the fun and excitement of Camp Kintail.  We are excited for all that the staff will teach this summer and the ways in which they will mentor the campers.

There are still a few more spots on the camp staff for anyone who is still interested in applying.  Additionally, if any one is interested in being on staff in future years, our LIT program applications are due this coming week.  If you are turning  16 in 2011, consider applying to our Leader in Training program.  The application can be found here.

The following positions are open:

Off-Site Tripper

Out-tripping Leader in Training Resource Counsellor (1)

Music & Art Leaderin Training Resource Counsellor (2) (Subject to sufficient registration)

Kitchen Manager

If interested, please email cover letter and resume to [email protected] .  Application deadline is Friday, March 4th.

One Comment

  • Roxanne Green (formally Fox) says:

    For years i have been trying every spring to figure out a way to be part of Kintail staff. Kintail is were i grew up, were i became the person i am today. Looking back i wish i had always made Kintail my summer home. I choose a career that didn’t really reflex the person i wanted to be. But that was ok – i married my husband who is an ECE and started a family of my own. So often when people see me playing with my kids they say “are you an ECE and when i reply nope, they say you must have be a camp counselor”

    Is there a position available at camp kintail that would allow me to bring my kids with me to camp? My boys are ages 3 and 4.

    I have since having kids worked / volunteered at different camps similar to Kintail however they just weren’t Kintail. The last 2 years I was the Bible Study coordinator at Camp Oneida for the Squirt camp. Most positions at Oneida are volunteer and so most of the volunteers are mom that bring their children with them.

    I am wondering if you have any options like that…

    Looking forward to your reply