Camp Family by Zabrini

By January 17, 2014Uncategorized

Hello Kintail Lovers!

My name is Sarah “Zabrini” Boyne and this past summer was my 5th year working as a Kintail staff member and my 14th summer attending Kintail. This summer I worked as a Leader in Training Resource Counsellor and was in charge of training 23 high school students to become counselors and leaders.

I have grown up at Kintail and I can say without a doubt that it has made me into the strong, caring, and confident person I am today. When I was little I barely talked in school. Even when I entered into high school I was very self-conscious, worried and anxious all the time. Completing the month long LIT program and working on Staff here brought out the best me. I learned that I could sing and not worry about what others thought. I learned I was great with kids and could actually have a future working with children. Most importantly, I learned that I had a family here. I had friends who would take care of me no matter where or when and I had finally found a place where I could openly talk about my faith without being judged.

As soon as you step foot onto Kintail property you can feel the excitement and happiness of everyone here. The Kintail community has become a second family for me. I have made lifelong friends and could not possibly think of a better place to spend my summers. One of the most amazing things Kintail has done is bring my two sisters and I closer together. I love that both my families get along so well!

Thanks for listening to my ramblings, I can’t wait to see you all next summer!