Camp Closing 2012

By November 5, 2012Uncategorized

Thanks to everyone who came out this past Saturday to help with closing the camp for 2012.  It is always a bit sad to pack everything away, but it is exciting to think about new ideas for 2013!  We had a great day with some fabulous volunteers.

What did we get done?  Well, we built 6 new picnic tables, cut up some leaning cedar trees, put all the picnic tables inside, winterized 20 cabins, cleaned and organized in the kitchen, cleaned out the eaves troughs on Harmony House and Glenview, put away the boardwalk and guard chair on the beach, covered a few holes on the rec hall, brought the pulpit and communion table in for the winter & we stuffed 1,500 new 2013 brochures into envelopes and got them ready to mail to campers.  We also tore the ceiling and bathroom stall dividers out of the cabin hill bathrooms.  This prepares the cabin to have skylights installed to let in more natural light, and the ceiling will stay open to improve ventilation.  I am sure there were another 20 small jobs that were worked on, but you get the idea of what a great day we had!

One of the last jobs of the day to wrap up a wonderful 2012 season of camping was a game of disc golf.  Bacon, Inferno, Caribou, Talus & Mercury played an epic game of 15 holes.

See you all at camp opening in April 2013!