Camera Guy Stork

By October 1, 2014Uncategorized

This is what I was born to do. I’m heading to school this fall for film at Niagara College. My awesome camp directors decided to give me the chance to show my skills and make some promo films for camp during K4. I was so hyped to begin making these films for camp. Disaster struck during a primetime when I hurt myself playing a competitive game of Gauntlet. I had rolled my ankle sadly and I went home for two weeks to rest and recover. There goes my week of filming and being creative with tools I love using.

Hold on one second! K9 came around faster than expected. What am I doing this week? OH you guessed it! They gave me a second chance to make films! I’ve been roaming around camp with a funky looking contraption that’s been taking footage of people around camp. Being able to just watch campers go along with their days and seeing how much fun they’re having is such a blessing.

I’ve completed two films this week of K9 and they should come out on the Facebook page sometime soon. I’m hoping to finish the others and get those ready for the website. It’s been a real pleasure being able to work with the tools I love at the place I love. Camp has helped me prepare for my upcoming school year. This practice in the summer has been really helpful to get me ready for school.

This summer I’ve worked along side of “Crash” or Alex Fensham. He has been a great mentor and role model for me to follow. His knowledge of software and cameras has helped me progress my skills to whole new levels. This guy is going places and hopefully we will work together again some day.

Taking footage of camp is so easy. This camp is beautiful! I can walk around camp and always find something to shoot. Having so much programming during the day always keeps me excited to keep shooting and editing throughout the day. It’s been a very great week of filming. I’ve been thinking about applying for social media next year because this has been so much fun.