Cake by the Lake

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One week ago, on Tuesday, June 23rd, the Camp Kintail staff were delighted to host “Cake by the Lake” for the women of the church. We welcomed women from almost every Presbyterial in the Synodical of Southwestern Ontario as well as a few from the Synodical of Central and Northeastern Ontario and Bermuda. There were 250 women gathered at Kintail and they came prepared to have fun! We had enough cake and strawberries for everyone! It was delicious!

Everyone registering in “Caitlyn’s Gazebo.” You can see the bus from the Sarnia Presbyterial behind the gazebo.

We were glad that Marion Mundell was able to join us. She is the daughter of the Rev. Charles MacDonald, one of the founders of the Kintail. She shared a lot of history and memories of Kintail from the early years.

Theresa Wooley was our cake maker (and she is the camp’s treasurer). A woman of many talents, she also helped out in the kitchen all morning.

Some of the kitchen crew for the event. Johnathon “Mercury” Lee planned and prepared the meal with the help of Phil “Cougar” Laliberte and the Kintail staff.

Our dining hall was packed!

Following lunch we worshipped together in MacDonald Lodge. It was a very meaningful service.

The staff sang throughout the service and put on a drama. If you look carefully in the back row, you will see Tree dress up as Jesus.