Hello Friends,

One of the most popular cabin crafts was making a sign, every week at least two cabins made a sign to all sign their names and hang in a cabin to see and remember all their memories in the years to come. My favourite part of seeing these made was that one of the signs in Evergreen is the only way I know which year I came to camp. That’s my first memory of camp and I could finally place a year to that memory.   On most Wednesdays, which is Free Day and cabins sign up for arts and crafts all day, the majority of the cabins want to make a cabin sign. One of the really cool things about seeing this all happen is hearing all their different ideas; I saw a cabin make a two part sign that fit together like a puzzle piece, and ones with a story about pickles and 3D ones, every cabin trying to make it so original and showing the parts of the week that meant the most to them. During these sessions cabins always seemed to work together so much to be able to paint their week and that was such a cool thing to see happen.