Bunny Caretaking Duties – Heron

This summer, I had the great privilege of being the primary caretaker for the bunnies. We had six bunnies in total this year, including a familiar face, Daniel, who was at camp the year before. Bunnies, though sometimes skittish and frightened by loud noises and large, quick movements, are very affectionate once they get used to your presence. Having the bunnies at camp is a great way for campers to take on more responsibility, especially in terms of providing care for living creatures. Giving campers and staff alike this kind of task can be extremely rewarding and validating, knowing they are, in part, able to contribute help into providing care for another living thing’s well-being. Having the bunnies (and also the chickens) at camp also teaches campers gentleness and patience. I really enjoyed taking on this task for the entire spring and summer, it gave me an extra sense of purpose and I was able to access my own sense of peace and tranquility by continuously nurturing these small, quiet creatures.