Bunnies & Chickens at Sprouts by Gopher

By November 19, 2014Uncategorized

Calling all rabbits!

K5 was filled with energetic and happy filled little campers disguised as rabbits, chickens and even unicorns!  During sprouts week, I transitioned from being on the beach and lifeguarding, to hopping in the bunny cage to holding grumpy hens.  I had a lot of fun being the Nature director for a few days!  During this period, I painted the sprouts campers faces as whatever animal or mythical being they wanted.  It was mostly a lot of requests to be painted as white bunny rabbits, but there were a few chickens and chipmunks.  It was a week filled with new experiences, long lasting memories, and a ton of fun.


Help!  A bunch of rabbits and chickens escaped!

Gopher - ChickensThe Mother Hen

Gopher - Mother hen