Brussels Kintail On The Road

By January 24, 2013Uncategorized

Hi there! I had the amazing opportunity to lead a group of Kintail staff in an afternoon program at the Mennonite church in Brussels. I would run Nature sessions with the Eco campers in the morning then pack up and head out to Brussels for the afternoon. We did music and drama, nature, arts and crafts and LOTS of games. The church had amazing volunteers that were so helpful and knew all the children and were so eager. They made it all possible with all their awesome energy and dedication all week. We had great snacks that were always connected to the parables we would have done that day in both chapel and FLASH. For example, when we were doing the story of the workers in the vineyard we ate teddy grahams (the workers) and grapes (from the vineyard), or when we read about the lost sheep and lost coin we received a bag of popcorn (the sheep) and buried inside was a chocolate gold coin. It was all very exciting and both the campers and staff highly enjoyed the whole experience. One thing that made this KOTR so unique and special was how much the children were willing to learn and hear God’s word. They always wanted to pray, sing and praise and we made sure that is exactly what we did. They were such good singers, we taught them sanctuary and by the end of the week everyone was singing it word for word, even the youngest children. It was so beautiful seeing such huge loving hearts in each one of the children.