Blogging from Cabin Hill

By May 26, 2009Uncategorized

Good morning. Ocelot here on cabin hill. I arrived at camp just last
week and things are looking great. Tundra Bonsai looks awesome and
the rest of the site stayed classy all winter. Last Sunday we
worshiped at St. Mary’s presbyterian church and next sunday we’re
going to Stratford! It was a blast! I’m super excited to be planning
for the summer, working in the new office is great. I can’t wait for
summer to begin. Capture the flag is hard to play all by myself.

I can hear Yeti fixing things so we’re ready when campers come. Maybe
later he will frolic the lane with Wombat, Axis and I. Or we could
play risk and beef up our conquering skills.

Yesterday, I moved equipment to the Shanty in traditional Indiana
Jones style. Running through the forest, jumping over the rock creek,
sneaking past Guppy and Almond and heroically driving into the shanty.
My adventures have been epic but delicious. See you all soon.

Oliver G.