Bethany’s Guest Post

By March 16, 2009Uncategorized

Hi everyone, I can’t believe how fast the winter has gone. I’m so excited for the warm weather and the spring flowers. Spring is my favorite season because everything is new and fresh and there’s so much exploring to do to see what the winter has changed. There are new things to see, feel, smell, and hear. That’s one of the things I’m looking forward to about camp this summer, everything is going to be all new for me and I’m looking forward to exploring. I hope that all you first time campers are as excited as I am to come and experience new things and meet new people. I’m counting on all you “experienced” campers to help me learn my way around.

As you probably know from the staff list, I’ll be working as the administrative assistant this summer so I’ll be helping make sure that things run smoothly in the office. But you’ll probably see me other places too – I like to try and be everywhere at once.

Right now I’m busy getting everything that I’ll need for camp, most important is picking a camp name because I’ve never had one before. I’m very excited about having one. My friends at Knox, Guelph (the church I attend while at school) have been helping make a list of possibilities but we haven’t settled on anything yet. It’s harder than it sounds! So that will be a surprise for all of you when you come whether you are old or new.

Looking forward to meeting you all, Bethany