Beta: Camp Kintail a Place to Grow

Staff members Shea and Beta enjoy some primetime fun.

Camp Kintail is my Summer home. I have been here every Summer since I was seven years old. I have been through it all; a camper, a VOK, an LIT, a counsellor and a member of program staff. Each one of these categories has provided me with a brand new experience that I will always cherish and hold onto for the rest of my life. Camp Kintail has helped me grow in many different ways that I am forever thankful for. It has provided me with the skills I needed to become a leader and has also provided me with a space where I can explore further into my faith and feel safe. I have made so many great friendships at Camp Kintail that will last a lifetime. One of the great things about camp is that nobody ever has the exact same experience as you but I can guarantee it will have a positive effect on your life in some way. I hope to see you guys next Summer at Camp Kintail so we can share these experiences together.

Matt “Beta” Romanson

Interested in some of the sessions Beta talked about? VOK and LIT sessions are available all summer long. Register online through our easy registration system and give your camper a space to grow this summer.