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2009 August LITs

If you’re aged 16 or 17, this message is for you!  Camp Kintail applications for the Leader In Training program are scheduled to be due today.  However, we know that sometimes this can be a decision that takes some thought and the application can take some time, so we’re giving you an extra week to work on those applications and get them into the Camp Kintail Winter Office!

2008 MALITs

Now, you may be saying, “I am 16 (or 17), but I have no idea what this ‘LIT’ thing is all about. So maybe I shouldn’t apply”.  Well, if those are your sentiments, than let me explain about what the program offers and let me show you that LIT is for everyone!

All of our Camp Kintail LITs get to spend approximately 4 weeks on the sunny shores of Lake Huron, doing all the things that regular campers do – Plus WAY MORE!  LITs get to work together to grow into stronger leaders, faithful Christians and all together more confident people.

2005 July LITs

There are two types of LIT programs – The Out-tripping LITs and The Music and Art LITs.  In both programs, LITs will learn how to be great, confident leaders and will interact with campers to get a hands-on idea of what it’s like to be a Camp Kintail Counsellor.  In the Out-tripping LIT program, which is run once in July and once in August, you’ll also get to participate in either a 4-day canoe trip or a 4-day hike and experience some of the best that nature has to offer.  In the Music and Art LIT program, which is run in the middle of the summer, you’ll take a more artistic approach to camp, and work together to create a project for the camp!  The 2008 MALITs made a musical about the history of Camp Kintail and the 2009 MALITs made a song and video about why Camp Kintail is such a special place!  Both programs are made to cater to the different personalities of our applicants, so LIT is for everyone!

2001 August LITs

So I hope that if you are of age and haven’t applied yet, that you’ll take some time this week to apply to the experience of a lifetime!  I was an LIT in 2001, and it is still one of the best months of my entire life.  Please check out the webpage about our LIT programs and the application form.  If you have any more questions about either LIT program, about the application form, or about LIT program day, please do not hesitate to email us at [email protected] or call us at 519-235-3701.

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  • Wow – those August 2001 LITs sure looked like a dynamic, fun and interesting group! I wonder what they’re doing now …

    The decision to become a Leader In Training at Kintail was easily one of the top 5 most significant and profound decisions I’ve made in my life. Not only does becoming a LIT prepare you for working as a Camp Kintail staff member, but it also allows you to build invaluable experience and soft skills that will continue to serve you throughout your education and career! If all that isn’t enough, some of my most meaningful friendships were cultivated in or as a result of the LIT program.

    What a wonderful opportunity! Seize it.

    Zack “Zenith” Sandor-Kerr
    LIT 2001