Bacon’s Guest Post

By October 12, 2011Uncategorized

Hello friends! So I just finished my 4th summer on the Kintail staff, and I have had the chance to meeting so many amazing individuals and have so many life changing experiences. Every summer at camp I have been blest with the amazing opportunity of working with individuals
with different learning disabilities. These Individuals had impacted my life in so many ways. They are the campers that you may struggle with throughout the week and might even get frustrated with, but they are also the campers that will show you the joy in the small things, the love in the crazy things, and the fun in the boring things. They are the campers that no matter who they are put with you will always remember that cabin for years and years, not because it was difficult but because that camper helped bring together and build the cabin, that camper taught every other campers life lessons that counsellors wouldn’t be able to if we tried. So for the past two years I have been working outside of camp with an organization in Kitchener called Extend-a-Family, where I work as a personal support worker for children and young adults with special needs. Also as of this September I am attending Conestoga College for the personal support worker program. The way I see it without Camp Kintail and without these few individuals being in my life, I probably wouldn’t be doing what I am doing, so I am so so so grateful! Thank you so much.

Ethan “Bacon” Brown