August LITs by Zabrini

By September 21, 2012Uncategorized

Hello Kintail Lovers!

I’m sitting in the camp office super sad because the August LITs have just gone home. This was my fourth year on staff and I was blessed with the job of LIT RC. I spent all of August mentoring and hanging out with 13 amazing young men and women. Their love of Kintail, strong faiths, confidence and silliness was inspiring, and I feel like a better person after having gotten to know them. LIT is an amazing program in which 16 year olds get to live at camp for a month and learn how to become strong leaders. For me, it was an amazing opportunity to see all of the LITs get their nature names, gain confidence, and become the strong people they are today. I am so excited to be on staff with them next year and can’t wait to seem them use their strong leadership skills as counsellors.

See you next summer!



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