August LIT Post

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Hello Camp Kintail World!

There’s moments in life that you realize you will never forget. For us, that was our whole month of Augustat Camp Kintail. At the beginning of the month, we arrived as eleven individuals with eleven different stories to share. Now, at the end of our journey we leave as a wolf pack, joined  by the single best experience we were so blessed to have.

We had a chance to experience the joy of counselling through half days, full days, and going to visit Kintail on the Road. Although it was all super crazy and busy, we managed to have the time of our lives. We performed two church services, set up and took down the Mega Sale at Knox Goderich, planned camp-wide games, campfires, and more, yet we still found the time to tie-dye, go mud wrestling, make ice-cream, play golf in Kumbayah, and have plenty of jam sessions.
Our four-day hike on the Bruce Penninsula is not one to be forgotten. Hiking through rain, smelling bad, rock jumping, exploring the Grotto, making wands, casting spells at each other, and eating whatever we could find all seemed so modest in comparison to the beauty that surrounded us. We swam in the clearest water, climbed on the biggest rocks, lay on the whitest stone beaches, and marvelled at the brightest stars.

Throughout our month we have learned, grown, taught, shared, laughed, cried, and experienced something that can’t be explained. Thanks to Momma Vaps and Poppa Bat for helping us realize that we will always be halfway there.

Pika, Parakeet, Stork, Shea, Lapis, Narwhal, Escarpment, Shock, Gem, Codex, and Charge

The August 2011 LITs