August LIT Bruce Hike Trip!

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Hey Y’all.
Crash and Moringa here to share with you a blog post about our trip with the LITs to the Bruce Trail. It was a really amazing trip full of hiking, swimming, and bonding! The Bruce Peninsula is a UNESCO world Biosphere reserve for a reason; It is one of the most beautiful places on earth. We are very lucky in Ontario that this national park is so close by and accessible, and all the LITs got a deep appreciation of the natural beauty of God’s creation on our trip.

We began our trip Tuesday morning at the Crane Lake access point, the trail head for the back country hike to High Dump. This trail was originally a logging route so it was pretty easy hiking. There was some beautiful untouched lakes along the way where we saw painted turtles and many birds. We also found an abandoned logging cabin along the way. The hike on the first day was an 8km which the LITs did in a very respectable time of 2h 15m! Once we got to High Dump we immediately took off our heavy packs (we estimated on average they were about 35 pounds each) and we immediately took a swim in Georgian Bay with our lifeguard Armadillo to cool off. We spent the rest of the afternoon setting up camp, cooking supper (mac and cheese) and bonding as a LIT group. The campsites at High Dump are really neat and unique. They have 9 tent platforms built amongst the escarpment boulders littering the woods of the coastline. Each site is very isolated and it was really quiet there, which was awesome!

The next day we packed up nice and early and headed out on the trail towards Stormhaven campsite. We knew that this day would be our most challenging hike in terms of distance (about 9.5km total) and terrain. The day started off challenging with a steep hike up to the top of the escarpment, and the rest of the day was spent hiking up and down the rocks. It was all made worth it by the absolutely stunning views of Georgian bay. We would reach the top of a hard climb and be just blown away by the vista in front of us. We ate lunch at a really unique spot along the way, a little clearing near the edge of the escarpment with a wonderful view.

After a marathon hike (6h 30m) we made it to Stormhaven campsite. Again we went swimming and enjoyed cooling off in Georgian Bay after the long hike. We then all had a good rest until supper where we made Rice and Lentils, an absolutely fantastic trip meal! Try it out. We spent the rest of the evening in fellowship hanging out and enjoying the natural wonders of our campsite. The next morning we got up and headed out towards our last campsite at Cyprus Lake. The hike was a relatively short 2.9 km, and once we got out of the back country trails the terrain became a breeze the traverse and flew the rest of the way. We set up camp at Cyprus lake and went for a swim again. That night we had a big Thai Noodle dinner, and had a campfire where we roasted s’mores.

Friday morning we went to the world famous Grotto! The hike there was an easy one, and we took advantage of a whole morning at the Grotto. We swam in the crystal clear water and explored all the amazing natural formations. It was truly a place where lifelong memories are formed.

All in all it was a fantastic trip! The LITs really enjoyed the hike and we bonded really well as a group. We strongly recommend taking this trip as it was truly stunning.

Crash and Moringa, August LIT RCs.