Arctic: Achieving My Life Goal

By February 18, 2016Uncategorized
Life goal

Perhaps it’s fairly early in my life, but at Family Camp’s 80’s night this summer I achieved my life goal: I became Bruce Springsteen for a night. When I was about fourteen years old, my aunt gave me the Born in the USA t-shirt that she had bought at a Springsteen concert in 1985. Despite the shirt being now 30 years old, thin in fabric, and a ladies medium, I got to wear it with pride at our 80’s night. I was not alone in this dream either. Both my favourite Dutch person Sockeye and handyman extraordinaire Lipizzan had the same idea as me, much to our astonishment and joy as we all saw each other at dinner, dressed in classic Springsteen style.

Camp really does make dreams come true, and it was excellent to see the creativity in the garb of other staff, but especially in the Family Camp parents that were actually around in the 80’s. There was more than one shirt that night that had sat in the closet for at least 30 years, waiting for that moment to shine in its nostalgic, unfashionable glory. Best regards,

Colin “Arctic” Aerts

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