Archery by Rue

By January 22, 2014Uncategorized

            Archery is one of the oldest sports in the world and is one of the highlights of camp. Even with our new rock wall and high ropes course, campers come back every year looking forward to practising their shooting and see if they can hit the bull’s eye. This is a great activity because everyone can do it no matter your age, gender, size or strength. Adjustments can be made so that a sprout camper can make just of good of a shot as a sr. co-ed camper. With all the new movies like Avengers, Hunger Games and Brave coming out that feature a main character with a bow in hand, archery is cool again and has definitely made it more exciting to run. Archery is so neat because it takes a lot of patience and control, which are great skills for life as well. Overall it was an amazing opportunity to lead this activity two years in a row and is the main reason I now own my own bow.