Apply for LIT by Moringa

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The Leader in Training applications are almost due!! If you are turning 16 within this year you are able to sign up for an amazing opportunity! The leader in training program is an amazing program where you learn leadership skills for camp and your community. You stay at camp for one month and learn these great skills as well as enjoy everything camp has. Throughout the month you also spend time in cabins learning about being a counselor and trying out the leadership skills you have learned. You also get to go on an incredible canoe or hike out trip and see the beauty of Canada. An amazing part of LIT is forming amazing friendships in a Christian community that last long after the month is over! I had an amazing time being the LIT resource counselor this past summer and would recommend anyone sign up to have one of the best months of their lives! So don’t hesitate to fill out your LIT applications because you will not regret the memories and leadership abilities the month will give you.

Anita “Moringa” Young

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