Announcing the Program Staff of 2008

By February 7, 2008Uncategorized

On January 26, the program staff hopefuls of 2008 were interviewed. There were a lot of talented and skilled applicants and the decisions were difficult to make. The program staff for this summer are a wonderful group with many incredible gifts and a lot of camp experience. Here is the program staff of 2008:

Assistant Directors: Alison “Algae” Podio & Amy “Forest” Reinders
Outtripping LIT RC’s – Jo “Cirque” Taylor & Alison “Chimpanzee” Woodley
Soujourners/ Music & Art LIT RC’s – Meagan “Pacific” Down & Megan “Desert” Garner
Outtripper – Shelagh “Flame” O’Neill
Program Director – Cory “Stump” Vos
Music & Drama – Laura “Monsoon” Johnson
Arts & Crafts – Jill “Kowari” Fergusson
Nature – Catherine “Calyx” Lamoureux
Waterfront Team – Heather “Flare” O’Neill & Liam “Wombat” Reilly
Babysitter/Adventure – Elizabeth “Aphid” Cripps
Maintenance – Ben “Yeti” Zavitz

They are an amazing team! Look for their bios and pictures on the main staff page shortly.