Almond’s End of Summer Post

By September 9, 2010Staff

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Almond here! So last week I was Babysitter with Puffin and we had a lot of fun! Some things that we did this week were dance parties, tea parties, rock painting and the best thing was getting to take the girls to Kamani’s cottage for the day, which was SUPER fun! We spent the whole day playing on the beach and going into the water.  Oh and we had a photo shoot which was very much fun!

One of my other most favourite things about this summer was a Sleepover Party that the girl program staff held for Ella, Lucy and Anna when Mercury and Trillium went to Winnipeg.  The girls always talk about it! We watched Cinderella, painted nails, ate candy and did our hair! The girls have talked about it none stop through the summer!

This summer is has been amazing and I’m sad it’s over.  Being Specialty and part-time babysitter was a perfect job and I am now very excited for next summer!

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